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Dutiful is Beautiful

This is why I love my husband:

Friday night:

Hub:  What are your plans for tomorrow?
Me:  If it’s not raining, Daughter and I are going to the Farmers Market in the morning.  Do you want to come?
Hub:  I’d rather get an early start on my errands, maybe I’ll meet you there.

Saturday morning the phone rings at 9:10.  It’s the hub.

Hub:  What are you doing?
Me:  Just finishing a post, where are you?
Hub:  At the Farmers Market.
Me:  Oh, sorry, I was in the zone, plus it was raining/snowing when I let the friends out this morning.  Take a lap and see if anyone has anything interesting.
Hub:  Like what?
Me:  Like things I can use for Thanksgiving centerpieces.

A few minutes later he sent this text:


And then came home with one of each color.

For years I have known that I am an INFJ and my daughter is an ISFP, but the hub always refused to take the test.  Until… Thursday night he came home from work and handed me the results.

Me:  “What? We can finally find out whether we are compatible!
Him:  No verbal response, only a wry, you’ve-lost-your-mind grin.

It turns out he is an ISTJ – a Duty Fulfiller.

Oh yes, God bless his responsible, reliable heart, he is.  To a tee.  And we are compatible.  I knew it.  We are a family of three happy, compatible introverts.  A protector, an artist and a duty fulfiller – safety, beauty and duty – we have it covered.

Heading to church later to greet at the urban campus.  What type are you?