Election Day Junkie


When I was in college, a fellow student – here from Turkey on a student visa – remarked that most people in the United States don’t follow politics because we don’t have to.  Our country is big and comfortable and we can go about our daily lives just fine regardless of what happens in Washington.  But in Turkey, everyone has to be aware.  Their daily lives depend on it.

I think of his remarks every election day.  He is right, most of us are complacent, especially in the mid-term elections.  But not me.

I heard that there are some who want to do away with mid-term elections because they are so costly.  They suggest we change the term lengths of some offices to coincide with presidential elections.

But I have another – possibly genius – idea.  What if we revamp the whole system?  Make the presidency a six year term and alternate turns between the two major parties.

So for instance, we would have a Rebuplican administration from January 2016 through December 2021.  While the Republicans are in power, the Democratic candidates would have six years to hone their positions, narrow down exactly what they would bring to the table and then duke it out amongst themselves in a primary/general election.

Once they decide exactly what they want and who they want to lead them, they would have six years to get it done.  Just six so work hard and work fast.  In the meantime, the Republicans would be preparing for their turn.

The balance of power would come in the alternating of administrations.

Alternatively, if we keep our current system of two, four year-terms for the presidency, then the terms should not be consecutive.

Serve a term.  Take a term off to campaign.  If re-elected serve another term.  That way no one is campaigning when they should be working.

There are bound to be holes in my proposal that will need to be plugged, but considering our current system has become ridiculous, I think we should give it some thought.

I recently heard a commentator say that he sees nothing wrong with candidates lying – he thinks they should say whatever is necessary to win.  Then what’s the point?  Instead of giving meaningless speeches, why not just hold up a sign that says, “Blah, blah, blah – which means whatever you want it to mean, whatever will get me your vote.  It doesn’t really matter what you insert because, once elected, I’m just going to do what I want to do anyway.”

Fellow Americans, it’s time to put down our joysticks, look up from our phones, find out what the heck is going on and then vote.  While we still can.