Spring in the D

I wasn’t doing anything today and the SUN WAS SHINING so we – my daughter and I – headed to Midtown for lunch and some shopping. Actually lunch and some browsing because who can afford to buy anything?

There’s just something about Spring in Detroit.




IMG_2340 (1)

Look at that sky!



First stop, shopping at Shinola.


Browsing at Shinola, but shopping at Shinola sounds better.



A few more stores and then lunch.


There are lots of hip new restaurants in Detroit which are getting good press, but we opted for a golden oldie, a tried and true favorite. Plus, it’s right next to Shinola and the cluster of other hip little shops and we were HUNGRY.

IMG_2351 (1)



Traffic Jam & Snug’s garden – with a fountain made of an old tub and sink.IMG_2356


As soon as we settled into our booth I heard the voice of a child coming from the booth behind me: “The best Republican by far,” he declared, “was Abraham Lincoln.”

“You don’t hear much good about Republicans,” he continued, “but I like them.”

Apparently he and his mom are visiting from Manhattan. It was impossible to not hear their conversation.

On the way out of the restaurant he reminded his grandma that she owes him $10, “because I won the poker game.”

He looked eight.

Eight-year-olds make the best lunch companions.


When the hub walked in the back door after work, he asked the beagle if she had been a good girl. Then he asked me if I had been a good girl.



“We split a piece of four layer chocolate Kahlua cake with coffee ice cream.”

Speaking of cake. The waiter. Cordial and really handsome. I only mention it because he seemed like the icing on a perfectly lovely day.

We didn’t have the customary cup of decaf to go with our cake because we wanted to try one of the many groovy new Detroit coffeehouses.


We decided on this one.  Lavender lattes. Yum.


Then we walked a couple of blocks in the bright sunny air to Will Leather Goods.



Will donates really nice backpacks to area school children. There’s a couple of walls worth of thank you notes. This one is classic.


“We liked the inside part and the outside part… Your best friend. Karla”


Will Leather Goods from the back.


There’s something reassuring about men working.



Especially in the Spring when everyone seems happy to be out there.


Spring in the D. It was a good, shiny day.

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63 Degrees in the Motor City and God Was Listening

It is sunny and 63 degrees in the Motor City.   I took my car in for its 10,000 mile check up today and everyone at the dealership was giddy.  Several warm days in a row has put us all in a good mood, given us hope.

New life is poking up through the straw in my garlic bed.


And in my city:

Tough, Cheap, and Real, Detroit Is Cool Again | National Geographic.

There was a big prayer walk through the city 4 years ago.


It was thrilling to see people of all ages come from the suburbs to join those who live in the city to pray for Detroit.  I loved overhearing the fellowship of people who had nothing in common but Jesus.  I was blessed by the beautiful voices of the Evangel Temple singers who were  directly behind me, singing as they walked.  I loved coming upon random groups performing on various street corners.

 It made me think of what Isaiah said:

“Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you..  Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn… Lift up your eyes and look about you:  All assemble and come to you… Then you will look and be radiant, your heart will throb and swell with joy; the wealth on the seas will be brought to you, to you the riches of the nations will come.”  Isaiah 60:1-5

The size of the crowd was impressive.  Not as impressive as it is when the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup.  Not as impressive as it would have been if EVERY Christian from EVERY church in the city and suburbs had come.  Not as impressive as it would have been if our Jewish neighbors had been invited to join us.  But still my heart throbbed and swelled with joy.

And God was listening to our prayers that day.

It is going to be glorious times a million on the day when people stream to Jerusalem from every nation.  Isaiah said we will be bringing gifts and proclaiming the praise of the Lord.  We won’t be walking in silent prayer – like I mostly was unless someone came along and said, “If you love Jesus say glory” – we will be proclaiming praises.  We’ll probably all be singing as we walk – most likely we’ll be singing Psalm 118.

Zephaniah 3:9 says, “Then I will purify the lips of my peoples, that all of them may call on the name of the LORD and serve Him shoulder to shoulder.”  Jews and Gentiles, males and females alike serving Him shoulder to shoulder.

God bless Detroit.