I find men and women making sport of punching, maiming, sometimes KILLING one another utterly heinous.

I find the desire to SPECTATE men and women punching, maiming and sometimes killing one another EVEN MORE heinous.

I just can’t wrap my head around that desire. I shudder. I hate that pounding people and cheering the pounding of people exist in the world.

But I loved Creed yesterday.

Because, though I hate boxing, I love good stories – even stories about people who box: Cinderella Man, Million Dollar Baby, Rocky.

I missed all the actual boxing scenes because I had my eyes closed, but the non-boxing scenes made me happy. The movie had a strong female character with goals of her own. It didn’t quite pass the Bechdel test, though, because even though it had exactly two named women in it, they didn’t talk to one another and, therefore, they couldn’t talk about something besides a man. But, if the story continues, I believe they WILL talk to one another and they WILL talk about something besides a man. They’ll talk about Mary Ann’s strength of character, the strength of forgiveness, Bianca’s music career, honesty, etc.

Sylvester Stallone will make you proud. The perfectly placed throwback to the Rocky theme song will lift you heart. Truly.

There were references back to the original that warmed my heart. The hub said they warmed his heart, too. I got choked up. A tear or two rolled down my face. It was like Rocky was real. Like I was reminiscing about old family and I realized the place they had in my heart. I LOVED them.

I went because my daughter, who has not seen a single Rocky movie wanted to see it. The hub wanted to see it, too.

Afterward I asked my daughter how she liked it. She liked it a lot.

“When the movie first started, though,” she added, “I thought, He can’t be a boxer, he’s too pretty to be a boxer.

Oh yes, a great story with some eye candy is even better.

Who else saw it?