faith, Light

As Good As It Gets


As Black opened the door
and White rushed out,
it was profoundly and sadly clear:
No one is in hell by accident.
Every eternal resident has made a clear choice.
Why do they rush forth, headstrong
while we servants of Love
mourn their final decisions?

White was repeatedly dumbfounded by Black’s choice of dismal living conditions among such hopeless tenants and yet those were exactly the eternal conditions to which he was determined to jump.

For those who believe, this life on earth – no matter how good – is as bad as it gets.

And for those who won’t believe, this life on earth – no matter how bad – is as good as it gets.

If anyone is looking for something to rent or borrow this weekend – especially those hunkering down in the frozen North – check out The Sunset Limited.  I found it at my local library.

© 2015, The Reluctant Baptist