A really good walk unspoiled.

The hub and I skipped church this morning and headed over to Oakland Hills to watch the final round of the US Amateur.


The two remaining players are University of Oklahoma’s Brad Dalke (go Brad) and Perth, Australia’s Curtis Luck.


It was a beautiful morning – lots of fresh air and sunshine, lots of exercise. It was a really good walk unspoiled.


We had to leave after the first 18 holes because the hub had a mandatory meeting at 3:00. A mandatory 4 hour work meeting on a Sunday afternoon!


It was all square when we left after those first 18. Which was good, because I’m rooting for Brad and he was down by 2 for awhile.

All Square

On the short drive home I stated that it seems a tad unfair because Brad, a college student, is a true amateur.  Curtis, who passed on college in order to play golf full-time, is more an unpaid professional.

“He should just stay in Australia,” I said, “play in his own stinking Amateur. But don’t worry, hub, once Donald Trump is elected Australians won’t be allowed to play here anymore.”

I crack him up.


When we got home I went online to find out what time the second 18 would be televised. As I scrolled through the photos from the morning half, I saw the hub! He’s the good-looking guy in the black polo. I’m the good-looking gal (I can make that claim because I am almost completely obscured by Brad) in the blue cap and the peach sweater.

They have just completed the 27th hole and Curtis is up 7. It looks grim but I am not in despair.

Gotta’ go. Don’t want to jeopardize Brad’s chances by not paying attention.