Correlations: Some voters refuse to make them.

bad boy

I’m usually really good about not going political in public, but insanitybytes has gotten me so revved up that I am going to go against my better judgement and share a hilarious and horrifying paragraph from the Matt Walsh article she cited:

Right down the list, you are blithely embracing every single thing you say you’re so angry about. Trump is the very embodiment of corruption, deception, cowardice, and elitism. He is precisely the sort of man you supposedly detest. Trump is exploiting America’s frustration with men like Trump. Trump is running against Trump. You are voting for Trump because you hate Trump. You are angry at politicians because they act like Trump and make deals like Trump and go to cocktail parties with men like Trump and look down on the little guy like Trump and possess the integrity of Trump, and so you’re solution is to elect Trump. Your anger at Trump leads you to Trump. Perhaps this explains why you’re so worried about politicians who are “controlled by donors,” but you aren’t at all concerned about a politicians who is the very donor you didn’t want controlling the political process. “I’m sick of these donors influencing the government! I have an idea: let’s make one president!”

Insanitybytes asked, “is it really a good idea to chase the bad boy and sign up for a one night stand you may regret later?

It’s as foolish as dating a married man, marrying him and then being shocked that he is cheating on you.

The majority of voters turned off their brains in 2008 and continued their wishful thinking in 2012. So now the country is draped over the arm of a chair in angst.

The solution: More wishful thinking.

Correlations: Some people just refuse to make them.